Monday, January 25, 2010


It is hard to know where the last six weeks have gone. They just zipped by in one of those turtle paced ways that happen in the month of January.

Today, we are having a blizzard, that means wind greater than 40 mph and snow. The schools are closed, travel, even in the city, is not advisable, and the icicles will not melt today.

I just wonder if it was really that bad a blizzard like situation that we saw on "Little House on the Prairie" or books we may have read about the 1880's when people went snow blind and were found in the spring. Were there really drifts of snow that blocked the only door out?

For us northerners, we have a fabulous city maintainers department; our roads, even our little one way street is cleaned very early. What we have to remember is snow drifted across the prairies and NOT moved by machinery when my grand parents were young. Maybe that is why a narrow path led to the barn with snow piled high on both sides. Scoop shoveling by hand is not an easy task. Oh how hearty these folks were.

Here, music plays to drowned out the howl of the wind. The house is warm and there is no snow drifting in through leaky windows. My grand parents would be cozy.

Since last I wrote, a new relative has found me through the blog. She is on the Lundberg side. Not much is known about them, although she is a gold mine of information, I am certain. I am looking forward to visiting with her in February. Do I know anything about her? Only what she looks like because this morning, we connected on Facebook.

I am hopeful all is well and you are cozy on this blustery day in January.