Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There is no excuse for not blogging. It isn't like the paper is wet from the flooding. It isn't like I have to drive over I--29 to get to a computer. I think it is spring and spring fever to me is simply, brain doesn't focus OR is that tries to focus on too many things at once and the body finds itself sitting on the porch soaking in much needed sunshine. Maybe. It has nothing to do with another attempt to clean the garage. A miserable state of affairs where things get shuffled more then shifted or sold or given away. Although I am proud to say we actually did have a mini moving party this weekend when three sets of dishes, a huge box of stuffed animals, and a 2005 Schwinn bike with lock left the building. I am honored to say the Christmas decorations from the office are out of the little boat and up in the attic. WHY where they in the boat? When it is 25 below zero you get them out of the house and into the garage but there is no rule that you have to take them to the attic. And so, yet today, both MST and I are recovering from rafter rash. We both know the only place you can stand up completely is at the pitch of the roof. Why in the name of heaven we kept hitting our heads is beyond me. Spring intelligence, perhaps. Knock some sense into those people! Anyway our heads are covered with little bumps, almost like when the earthworms mound up in the front yard. Maybe rafter rash is necessary to let the sunshine in and take it with a grin. Oh yea, I blog. e

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