Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today's news states that sleeping on your back is best for your spine and neck. It also is the best way to ward off wrinkles and maintain perky breasts.

Well, ain't perky and have lots of wrinkles. Obviously, I do not sleep on my back. I am a side sleeper but wake up on my stomach.

The article goes on to say--which we already knew--that back sleepers snore. Side sleepers snore less, and stomach sleepers do not snore.

It is said that stomach sleepers cause the greatest harm to their necks and joints because nothing is aligned. I think about all the nights I put my babies on their stomachs to sleep and now it is said not to do that. Poor R, B, R!

MST is a back sleeper. I can tell when he comes home from work how much noise he is going to make when he sleeps. And he tells me to wake him and tell him to move. The funny thing about that is that when I do tell him, he states he wasn't asleep.

Now the thing is to look about and see who is wrinkled and not perky. I will KNOW how they sleep! Marjorie Main who starred in Ma and Pa Kettle movies, was for certain a stomach sleeper, she was NOT perky and she was wrinkled.

And that, dear ones, is the news from Fargotown.

I wish you well.


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