Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Down there on Main Avenue

It isn't that I haven't thought about blogging.  Old Trunks has had some remarkable notes from people looking for their relatives or knowing mine.  One of the wild rides happened because of the 50th class reunion. 

The class of 1962 met in Thief River Falls last June to visit and make discovery on how folks were doing.  Around fifty class mates came along with some spouses and signifcients and with 27 deceased classmates, that only left 100 unaccounted for. 

And one of the people I adore  most is a tall drink of water named Frank.  Now Frank's dad was a sign maker and had a shop and an apartment on Main Avenue North.  In about 1947 or so, we moved to a house half new and half remodeled according to what is remembered.  So that made Frank and I neighbors...sort of, most likely, neither Frank nor myself were allowed to cross highway 32 by ourselves. 

We left in about 1949 and Frank and family stayed on until after he started grade school at St. Benhard's.  So he knew more and between the two of us, we did an amazing paste together.  And what should happen was others would be involved in the process of discovery, as well.  And that is what geneology is all about, it is about people sharing and maybe it isn't always gospel, but it is, nevertheless, a truth to someone. 

The plan is to take the information from Frank, Dayton, Wayne, and Bev and believe one can make it color and read like a rainbow.

See you tomorrow!

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