Tuesday, April 16, 2013


There is no group of cabins listed in the 1938 Thief River Falls city directory called the RED TOP CABINS.  It isn't that cabins by some other name didn't exist.  Old Trunks needs to do more research to find the name; we can guess they had red roofs, don't you suppose?

It is hard to understand why cabins were peppered about the block of Ten Hundred Main Avenue North.  Not only are the Red Top Cabins listed in the 1940-41 directory but they were owned by Randall and Verna Noper.  And there was a 'filling station' on the east corner of Main and Tenth with rooms upstairs.  We know that because Frank Mousley writes to Dayton Silk who pumped gas and lived above the station. 

We know from the 1940 census map that cabins existed on the east side between Austad's and Wilson's on the corner.  Beverly Austad Ranum talked about horses being stabled near the alley.  There were also cabins behind the corner of Eleventh and Main.  What purpose did they served?  Who lived in them?  How big where they.  What and how many transients were there in Thief River Falls and what did they do?  Where they seasonal labor? 

Frank stated that Gus H. lived in one of the cabins on the west side of the street.  Gus H. stated it was for a short time before they moved to the farm.  I am thinking his sister would be too young to remember. 

Old Trunks needs to look through the old census and see if she can find how old those cabins were.  There is some evidence Noper even had a place for people to park their travel trailers. 

Putting on my walking shoes looking for answers.


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