Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Old Trunks did not watch the Academy Awards. She also remembers when her parents did not. Why? Because if you don't see the movies, there is no one to cheer on. One must get into a groove and select some vampish female or a stud-like male to swooooon over!

In 1927, my grand parents were 48 and 42 respectively. Uncle Harry was 16 and his brother, Stanley, was 13. They might have gone to the movies, certainly they knew who Clara Bow and Buddy Rogers were. Did my grandparents drool or swoon?

Wings was the first Academy Award and the only silent film to ever win. The awards started with 10 categories and has doubled as of the recent gala affair.

Old Trunks thinks we have hit and miss memories of old movies that our parents may have taken us to, we have our own teenage/young adult span of time we may have gone weekly. Turner Classic movies offers all the old flicks, whether we watch them or not really depends on whether we like old movies. I happen to like the old black and whites. While reviewing the movies of each Academy Awards since its beginning, it wasn't always the winning movie that had the lasting appeal to generations.

Let's take a look at some of the old classics that four, maybe five generations have watched. Not all of them won the award for best movie, if it did, it has an * by it. In order to place the magnificent movies we wait to watch every year, we will need to go back into the thirties. Let's do it a few at a time to keep in under a five minute read.

It is said the first awards were known before the ceremony in 1929, where 250 people paid $10 each to watch the 15 minute affair. In the first 30+ years, the presentation was held in hotels and theaters as well as RKO Studios.

May the film roll in your memories


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