Monday, March 23, 2009


Elvis Presley made thirty-one movies, how many have you seen?

1956 Love me Tender
Elvis Presley stars in this western drama set just after the Civil war. He was the youngest of the four brothers who stayed behind to care for the farm. It is the only movie where he had second billing.

Loving You
Name changed twice before the title was chosen in this movie about a singing truck driver.

1957 Jailhouse Rock
In jail for manslaughter, his bunk mate and country singer gets him started in singing.. Great dance shots. Saw this in Canada in the summer of '58.

King Creole
Elvis best role as an actor. He plays the part of someone from the ghetto coming to NYC to sing. He sweeps the floors at a night spot who lets him sing.

1960 G I Blues
Plays an army sergeant in Germany who wants to open a night club.

Flaming Star
A serious movie, Elvis plays the part of an Indian mother and a white mother. The movie was first offered to Marlon Brando.

1961 Wild in the Country
Elvis plays the part of a rebel and beats up his brother. He is put under the guidance of a counselor. Preview audiences didn't like the ending so it was re-written.

1961 Blue Hawaii
Big commercial success of this movie filmed in Oahu and Kauai Islands. He plays a tourist and has time to sing with the pretty girls.

Follow That Dream
Elvis' family are bumpkin type southerners. A social worker is sent to see if the children are taken care of. Elvis plays the part of a man trying not to get into a woman's grips.

Kid Galahad
Elvis plays a boxer. It is a remake of a 1937 film of the same name.

Girls, Girls, Girls!
Plays a charter boat captain with lots of pretty girls.

It Happened at the World's Fair
With the back drop of the Seattle Worlds Fair, Elvis and his buddy to earn some money to get their crop dusting airplane out of hock. He may have been a poor crop duster but his ward robe for the movie included 10 suits, 2 cashmere coats, four sport coats, 15 pair of slacks, 30 shirts, and 55 ties.

1963 Fun In Acapulco
Elvis plays a former circus performer who is traumatized by his partners accident. He goes to Acapulco, hires on as a life guard, and sings to women.

Kissin' Cousins
Elvis plays duel roles; an Air Force officer and a mountain man.

Viva Las Vegas
Plays a race car driver who needs a new car engine for the race. Considered his best musical comedy, also stars Ann Margaret.

Elvis works as a roustabout/handyman in a broken down carnival in financial trouble....until Elvis starts singing and the girls crowd around him and he becomes star billing.

Girl Happy
Happens during spring break in Florida, a girl happy flick.

1965 Tickle Me
Elvis plays the part of a rodeo singer who moon lights at spas. Elvis weds on screen for the first time to a woman he meets and needs help finding the lost gold in a ghost town.

Harem Scarum
Plays the part of a famous singer caught up in a Middle East country. He comes back to USA and does a show with a harem.

Frankie and Johnny
Elvis sings on a river boat and his shot, just like in the song but his lucky medal saves him

1966 Paradise, Hawaiian Style
Plays a helicopter pilot who risks his license to save a girl on a deserted island.

1966 Spin out
Plays a race car driver with lots of girls in love with him.

Easy Come, Easy Go
Elvis plays a Navy frogman. One one of his last dives, he discovers a sunken treasure.

Double Trouble
Elvis plays a pop singer who becomes intrigued while playing the discotheque in London.

1967 Clambake

Elvis, playing a rich guy, exchanges places with a poor person because he wants to be accepted for himself, not his money.

1968 Stay Away Joe.

Elvis plays a Native American for the second time, this time as a rodeo rider.

Elvis plays a race car driver that gives/gambles away all his winnings and owes back taxes. Nancy Sinatra stars as the IRS agent

Live A Little, Love A Little
Elvis plays a photographer. His father has a bit part.

1969 Charro!

was a movie in which Elvis did not sing. It is an offbeat western in which he is pitted against his old gang.

1969 The Trouble With Girls,

Elvis is the manager of a traveling group. It is beset with problems. Elvis is only in about a third of the movie.

1969 Change of Habit,

This ends his days in Hollywood. It is the first time he plays a professional. He is a doctor who heads a clinic in the ghetto and falls in love with a nun, played by Mary Tyler Moore....but he doesn't know she is a nun. Only three songs in this movie.

Viva Elvis.


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