Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Lassie Movies began in 1943 with Lassie Come Home and stretched to the mid sixties with a hokey moving made in 1978. a remade of 1943 was published in 2005.

Of course, there was a television production of Lassie and Timmy also with comic books which span 20 years. What about those View masters? The Lassie products were made for ten years, (1957-1967)

Did you know Lassie was on the radio?

1943 Lassie Come Home
1944 Son of Lassie
1946 The Courage of Lassie
1948 The Hills of Home
1949 The Challenge of Lassie
1951 The Painted Hills, (dreadful color)
1963 Lassie's Great Adventure

I will always think of Ruby when I think of Lassie films. Each week at the nursing home, we would watch part one of the movie one day and the finale on the next day. The people at the nursing home really liked animal pictures. One day, we were watching the first half of a Lassie film and it was time to shut it off. Ruby said, "You can't leave Lassie in the swamp!"

Who could resist such a beautiful smart collie?


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