Monday, March 2, 2009


Many of us are a little long in the tooth to start over with an aptitude test, yet for the fun of it, let's look at a graph which goes 0-100, the higher the number the better the aptitude. According to the test I am reading from 1979, if you score 50; technical school material, 69; four year college, 84; professional. Old Trunks does not know the name of the test, only that it was given through Job Service.

1. General learning ability-- to catch on and understand instructions; to reason and make judgments; closely related to doing well in school and on job training.

2. Verbal ability-- to understand meaning of words and to use them effectively; used in occupations that require communication with words.

3. Numerical--ability to perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately

4. Spatial;; to visualize an object from a blueprint or pattern; used in such work as drafting, dress designing, etc.

5. Form perception--ability to perceive pertinent detail in objects or in graphic or pictorial materials to make visual comparisons and discriminations

6. Clerical perception--ability to perceive pertinent detail in verbal or tabular material; to proofread words and numbers and to avoid errors in arithmetic operations.

7. Motor coordination--ability to coordinate eyes and hands rapidly and accurately in making precise movements with speed.

8. Finger dexterity--ability to manipulate small objects withe fingers, rapidly and accurately.

9. Manual dexterity--ability to move the hands easily and skillfully and to work with the hands in placing and turning motions.

The owner of the test scored in the professional range in eight points and four year on another. Best points were finger dexterity verbal skills, and motor coordination. The person was in their late thirties when it was taken. Where the numbers higher because of wisdom? Wonder what the scores would have been in the late teens.

Now it is time to find an on line aptitude and preference test. Have you taken any of them? What were the results?


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