Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The purse shopping is completed. By the time we reached Akeley, I had everything out of the white, short handled purse into the Ameribag which is rose. Everything fit and more space for other stuff, like the address book I carry with all the names, numbers, addresses, email addies, and birth/anniversary dates. And for you, Soozi, lipstick!

While many of you are using a cell phone or a PDA to store information, I am still of the thought that simple address books work the best for me. I had a personal data unit once and thought it was clumsy. At that time, one needed a stylus pen to operate it. Perhaps President Obama could teach me how to really use one!

Address books are history-like. If you have old ones on the shelf somewhere, they are filled with old names and old places. My friend, Ella, had a book that had been used for decades. When you wanted to know something in later years, all you had to do is ask the daughter, Judy, who had become the keeper of the book when Ella was in the nursing home.

Ella's brother, Oliver, had a sort of address book at well. Over the years he kept it up, he added the new address under the old one. While a member of that family, Oliver kept up on our address too. If I would have forgotten where I lived, Oliver's notes would have kept me up to date:

520 N Duluth
1959 Barton
2002 Clare Road
2519 W Ninth
1015 Kentucky
1620 W 21 St

In the beginning, I wrote in permanent ink, as if to say, whomever will always live at the same address, and live forever. I have since learned pencil works best, although I have come to re sticker it with address labels printed on the computer as well as a document which envelopes ready to print.

As for a PDA, well, it was suggested over this long weekend that I could count fish and document time and location on a PDA and transfer the information directly to the computer for journaling purposes rather than hand writing them in a notebook with pen and transferring the information to the calendar later.

There is some good points about Tom's suggestion about a PDA. But the fish count where and when are just for this spring. I have done counts during vacation time and into the fall.

Meanwhile, time to flip through the address book and find some of the addresses for the cards I made while at the lake.


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