Saturday, May 30, 2009


Although Old Trunks is on the hunt for pictures of swans and eagles, one can not over look the precocious Killdeers that build their nest in the rocks in the lake neighbors garden.

On out way to fish at Little Sand earlier, we saw the mother and three babies running amok in a parking lot and into the grass on either side.

Not many birds are born with their eyes open and as soon as their downy feathers dry and off and running, although a bit wobbly. Killdeer do this. I wonder if baby chickens do that.
They are 'cute' little birds with banded chests and the markings of the chicks are the same as the adults, which is something else one doesn't see often.
Killdeer are from the shorebird sort of family; although they might live on the shore, they appear to mix well with man and may live on roads, and in parks in busy areas.
Ever seen one? If you have, I am sure you remember how they run in short bursts one way and then another.

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