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Mardella Myra Myrom was born March 7, 1923 on the family farm in Norden Township, Pennington County, the daughter of Harry and Minnie Myrom. She was baptized and confirmed into the Lutheran faith in Thief River Falls. She attended country school, then Lincoln High School in Thief River Falls. Her funeral happened on 26 May of this year.

I did not know Mardella but I knew her grandfather, Harry Myrom. What a wonderful, soft spoken man he was. The first time I saw him work his gentle personality was in the winter of 55-56. We had ponies and needed additional hay as the winter was longer than usual.

Daddy had known Harry for years, and according the the Rosewood News, worked the farm for him at one time, (perhaps during planting or harvesting).

My dad, uncle, and I went to Myrom's to pick up wild hay that had been cut and bundled by Harry. The hay was stacked away from the house and my uncle, who was driving the flat bed construction truck, would back up and go forward with the chained tires to make a path to the stacked hay.

Harry had adopted a yellow lab from some people in town. The dog had gotten ugly and since it was a menace to the neighborhood, it needed to be out of town. Harry took the dog in and changed her diet taking away all meat and the dog became a wonderful dog as all labs are. The dog was helping and got in the rut the wheels had made. Uncle did not know she was there and by the time he stopped, the dog's leg was broken.

Harry gathered her up in his arms and took her to the basement of the house where he talked to her gently and set her leg and splinted it. Afterwards we had lunch in the kitchen where Harry drank his coffee off the saucer which had been poured from the cup.

Harry had a heavy brogue, as many people in the New Solum area had. Once he came to our house on the farm to clean the fish daddy had caught. Harry knew how to fillet fish and asked mother for a thin knife, but he said, "Tin knife". Not able to give him a tin knife, mother invited him to look through the cutlery drawer to find a good knife for filleting fish. He did find one and after that, is was forever called the 'tin knife'.

Old Trunks takes this moments to salute the family of Myrom and Sabo.


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