Thursday, November 11, 2010


Old Trunks processes memories according the the sections in her life. And just what does that mean?

We all have eras in our life. For folks that move about, they may store their memories in, let's say...........New York, Ohio, California, all before college, college. Or maybe one does it by marriages, or best friends. Old Trunks clearly sees four, although with much discussion, perhaps it is really eight or even twelve. As I think about it, my childhood memories are stored with the many houses we lived in.

Nevertheless, like loaves of bread, there is something buttered on each slice during that era.

It makes a person wonder, if you could only have, let's say three great stories, or memories from each era, which would you choose? Perhaps we need five.

It makes one think about a story I heard from a friend lately. Now, the lady has a lot of color in her writing, the kind that you can picture each movement, know what I mean?

She shared about her Aunt coming to visit while her house was being painted. Aunt Shirley was allergic to paint. She used the reference, "when Bob and I lived @........... See, she was splitting off. Bob carved in his office. He also had a huge selection of all running chime clocks in his office as well as a stuffed raccoon with a snarl. This is where Aunt Shirley was to sleep. In the morning, two clocks and the coon where outside the door and the cuckoo clock had been stopped.

Now Old Trunks is wondering, how do people capture memories? Are people who remember the best grasping with all senses? If you can not taste or smell, does that cut back on how much you can remember?

Me thinks I am having a Mrs. Spock moment, pointed ears and all.


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