Sunday, November 7, 2010


I may have laughed at Grandma Mae when she wrote the weather on the calendar every day. But I take it all back as I retire the 'fishing record' book which started as a way to find a caught and loss record of fishing for top water bass on Leech Lake while on vacation. As well as where the bass where.

The first entry is 8-9-08 on Leech at Black Duck. Followed by the letters T and E, circles, numbers with inches, species, and size.

Not that it means anything to the reader but:

East side of big rice
North side of big rice
Flat tree
Geese in the rice
Picture: Eagle flying
Cat tails

T: 10 E: 12

Yesterday, November 5, I retired the book.

Snow patches in ditches
40 degrees
Water Temperature 48
T: 2 E 3

How fun!!!


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