Friday, November 26, 2010


The plan was to have Thanksgiving dinner at a buffet. It seemed like a grand thing to do until it started to storm. Although the storm stopped, it was going to be cold and windy. We decided to eat at home, both of us would man the kitchen, dividing the jobs and helping each other as needed.

Before I go any farther, I must say there are two things I always have on hand. One is brownie mix and frosting and the other is makings for pumpkin pie. Sometimes I even have brownies in the freezer. And so when the plan changed, all I thought was needed was cranberries and croutons. Yes, I know, I should have checked.

The cranberries were popping in the kettle and the celery and onions were cooking in a little olive oil when I went to the pantry for pumpkin stuff. Much to my surprise, there was no pumpkin stuff!!! Now there are two days one must have pie. One is Tom's birthday and the other is Thanksgiving!

Okay, so, what DID we have? WE HAD CURRANTS!!! Maybe we could convert a recipe for old fashion raisin pie using currants.

One crust or two? ONE
Ice cream or whipping cream? Whipping cream.

WHAT? It calls for corn starch
WHAT? It calls for brown sugar

SUB flour for corn starch.
HOPE the brown sugar, double wrapped in bags was not a piece of a rock.

Tom kept watch on the boiling currants and water. The blender whirled the flour, cinnamon, brown sugar. We added the ingredients together.

THEN we looked at each other and questioned what the stick together ingredient was. We knew it had to cook because the crust was raw. The method and recipe off the Internet was not complete. We would find another recipe which called for eggs. If it calls for two eggs, three is even better, don't you think? The pie went in the oven and after opening the shutting the oven door a few times, it was ready! It really was pretty good. I know that because I just had a piece for breakfast.

Now let's talk about the turkey. Remember it was only a side of breast, bought a few weeks ago to 'have on hand'. And so Tom said, "I need something to get the turkey off the bottom of the roaster". The roaster he was using was mini and all the racks we had didn't fit. We rummaged through all the cupboards and cabinets looking for something. WHAT did we use? Metal cookie cutters; a star, a Santa, a gingerbread man! I love ingenuity, don't you? Yes, I know, we could have used a bigger roaster.

THEN there was the potato thing. Now when I do mashed potatoes, I use the same kettle and measure the number I cook by how it fills the bottom of the kettle. That gives us two servings plus a little more. Has anyone ever asked you how many potatoes to peel? What did you say? Tom wanted to allow for peeling so he added more. Well, we have some extra potatoes here! I use the mixer to whip them. He uses a masher. I add whipping cream and butter and danged if he didn't use skim milk. But since he was in charge of the potatoes, isn't it fair and right we could do them as he wished? Yes, it is fair.

Two hours from start to finish to prep and bake and boil and 10 minutes to eat. Sounds about right, doesn't it?

In regards to the pie: Next time, use brandy for the water to cook the currants. That is, if there is another time!

Now the question is, when will the current currants crap out? Or will they get stuck in pitted areas of our old intestines? BUT, there is a pill for that!

And how was your Thanksgiving?

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