Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Grandmother and A Grandmother

Julia Opseth and Nina Mellem were best of friends when they were young.

Look at their hair and dresses! Where do you think they went to have their picture taken? Photographers charged two cents for a picture mounted on a postcard.

How did they get to town for the setting? Did girls take the train by themselves or a horse and buggy across the swamp land?

Think about it! And think about what kind of pictures with your friends were taken. Share your thoughts.


Susi said...

Hi Elodee!
Thank you for sending me your blog address!
I am here now, at the very beginning, and I have so many questions, and probably will be posting them as I read thru this wonderful part of my family history!
So, my first question is this...who are Nina

Susi said...

oops, you see that I don't know much about blogging yet and posting comments, so please bear with me.
Who are these grandmothers to me? Are they your family or from the Anderson family? I guess we are all connected by marriage and all, and in that connection, I am a part of this history.
So many questions...I am going to read on and see if I can find the answers to some of them!
love from your great niece,
Susi Unupi (formerly Anderson)

Shirley said...

Hi Susi!
The lady on the left is Elodee's grandmother and Nina Mellem is my grandmother, Dad's mother. Nina would be your great grandmother.