Friday, May 25, 2007

Hair Stories, Part Two

Ryen wrote a post in Old Trunks and Worn Shoes this morning about how things have changed, especially in New York! He goes on to say," With such a chaotic schedule, people get one good hair cut every few months. They get up at 7, go to work, have a dinner meeting, then have some event they have to attend but don't have time to get home to change or style their hair again. At BEST, they'll rub a little pomade through their fingers and fluff their hair a bit with their fingertips. It's so common, that it's considered chic to have "easy" hair for both men and women."
I have a feeling that the gent in the picture did a little pomade too. The story is that he had head lice. The method for getting rid of head lice was to rub kerosene in one's hair. He did that and he still had the lice. Then he soaked it in kerosene and he still had lice. What I am about to tell you could only be done by a hearty pioneer, he lit his hair on fire! He got rid of the lice! He stated that when his hair started to grow back, it was dark and wiry. True? His sober expression made one think he was telling the truth. He did not allow me to examine his scalp for scars.
Kerosene, as we all know one time the fuel was widely used in lamps and lanterns. These were superseded by the electric light bulb. Its use as a cooking fuel is mostly restricted to some portable stoves. As a heating fuel, it is often used in portable stoves, and is sold in some gas stations and hardware stores. The use of portable kerosene heaters is not recommended for closed indoor areas without a chimney due to the danger of buildup of gas.
And that, folks is the hairettes of fire!

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