Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mrs. Andreas Opseth At Rest

Hannah Nordhagen
December 11, 1841 to March 11, 1920

Mrs. Andreas Opseth died at 6 o'clock last Thursday evening following a stroke of
apoplexy, (Paralysis from stroke), six days duration. Mrs. Opseth has been the subject to this disease for the last half year and late last Friday evening encountered a new attack which left her in a state of lethargy and in which she remained for six days until her demise on Thursday. Mrs. Opseth whose maiden name was Hannah Nordhagen was born in Trysil, Norway, on December 11, 1841, and at her death was 79 years and three months old.

On January 2, 1875, she was married to Andreas Opseth, her remaining husband, and to which union was born four children, Olaf and Gust, Mrs. Benhard Ranum all of this place and Mrs. Roy Skinner, of Minneapolis. With her family she emigrated to the United States 38 years ago, coming first to Fargo, where they remained for three years before moving to Rosewood.

Tempted by the governments offer of free lands to new settlers, they took up their present homestead on which they have resided ever since..

Mrs. Opseth was a kind, loving Christian natured woman, whose chief alm in life was the welfare of her family, and to which attainment she sacredly devoted her entire time and energy. She will for always be remembered as a faithful wife and mother and a noble and generous friend and neighbor. The funeral was held at Rindal Church and cemetery last Saturday afternoon, conducted by Reverend G Larson. Peace to your memory, long will thou be remembered!

Hilda and Roy came from Minneapolis for the funeral with their two month old baby, Harvey. Olaf, Gust, and Julia, of course lived in the area. I wonder if Harry at nine, and Stanley at almost six went to the funeral.

Two things I started thinking about because of this post:

1. Why was I not able to find her death certificate when I ordered Andreas' in 2004. The Minnesota Historical Society has such great records, I couldn't believe it wasn't there in plain type, that is, HANNAH OPSETH. I took another look today,using the death date as my search instead of her name. She is listed under MRS HANSON OPSETH. Ordered.

2. The next thing I started to think about was her last name was Nordhagen. I found a picture of Sena and Tina at the Pennington County Historical Site of Siri Nordhagen's funeral which included Sena and Tina. I know these two women both married Eggen boys and lived in Kelliher, MN. When my family went to Washkish to fish, we would visit Eddie and Arnie Eggen and their adopted children. If we were there on Sunday, I was expected to go to Sunday School with their daughter, Janet. We would see Sena and Tina. One of them smelled good, had blue hair, and a big natural smile.

I wrote to a post asking about Gjermund, a son of Siri and John Nordhagen and a brother to Sena and Tina. Gjermund, as the story goes, came to the Rosewood area in 1885 from Cass County, North Dakota by ox cart with 20 head of stock.

I also searched the land patents and found John, Siri, and Martin all had land in the Marshall and Pennington County area. John got his in 1893, Siri in 1914, and Martin in 1890. Was John Nordhagen Hannah's sister?

Let's hope the posted question gets results.

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