Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sina & Tina or maybe....a rena bena!

The picture with the casket is of Siri Nordhagen's funeral. She died on April 10, 1922.

The people in the picture are: Anton Gulseth, Ida Nordhagen Gulseth, Olaf Nordhagen, Anna Nordhagen, Mr. Remmem, Sina Nordhagen Eggen, Christ Eggen, and Tina Nordhaugen Eggen.

Look at the picture in the back ground. It is the log cabin in the second picture with an addition. The house looks so much like the house Lloyd, Ella, and Dorothy Anderson lived in before they bought Gust Opseth's house. The two people in the second picture are Siri and John Nordhagen, 1899.

The last picture is a picture of Siri and John's children: Sina, Olaf, Tina, Gjermund, and Inga.

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