Saturday, July 3, 2010


Old Trunks always wonders if the 100 mph straight wind we had at the lake on July 4 of 1999 will happen again. It was brutal, tearing up trees, damaging boats, many of which came completely out of the water, and destroying trailers. A picnic table was in a tree.

Granted, it isn't as destructive as a tornado but if you and cuddled up with your husband in the bathroom of a trailer listening to the refrigerator move and see the pieces of leaves plastering themselves against the front windows, you would wish you would be somewhere else.

Why were we there? Because it came up without warning. The sky was blue and the next thing you know, it was blowing. Five minutes later, it had cut its path through the resort. No one was hurt, not even Mary and her dog who where trapped inside when a tree fell on it.

Three new boats in slips were damaged. Nothing sank. Although they has cosmetic damage, all three would fish the season and be repaired in the fall.

Now that is fireworks.


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