Thursday, July 1, 2010


We have all been in this position when we keep saying, "What is that"?

Normally I am not the sentry. Sound is sound but in my past life, we had so many crappie cars, there was always something going wrong and I got to know the problem by what I heard.

Take U joints, for example. If you ever had a vehicle that sounded like there was a bird under it, well, that tweet is a U joint going out. I am really, really good at that one.

So good, infact, that at one time, L. was backing up out of the drive way and I said, "U JOINT". Well, L. didn't believe me until they had it on the hoist.

So good, infact, that I brought one of our junkers to the garage and he put it on the hoist and said there was, "Nothin' wrong, lady". I insisted he drive it, U JOINT!

But this was different. We had gone to dinner and ran an errand. On the way home, we heard a sound.

It did not tweet
It did not scrape
It did not slosh
It did not get louder when breaking
It did not get louder when starting from the stop sign quickly
It was not louder when we drove on bumps or turned corners

What was it? How long had it been going on? Now, I will assure you that Tom is very careful about car care and this is the first time the man with hearing like a bat had heard it.

He dropped me off at the back door and put the vehicle in the garage.

I had just gotten into the house when I heard the noise again. Okay, it wasn't in the car. Was it something I had purchased? I shook the items one by one. No.

It sounded again.

It was close to me. It was in the care and now it was in the house.

It was the cell phone warning me of low battery. Can you believe it?

What sounds make your ears perk?


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