Friday, July 9, 2010


I have a pet peeve.

When I got my first camera in 1952, I was told to hold the camera still, take a breath and hold it while I pushed the plunger. The camera was a $2.98 Baby Brownie. Then, right after I snapped the picture, I was to advance the film. There were 8 pictures on a roll.

Later, I would receive a 620 with a flash. That camera was held next to your body and you looked into the lens. Again, breathe, hold, shoot.

All of that and one still had a good chance of having something blurred.

With the advancement in camera speed, even with the film cameras, less pictures where bad enough to dispose.

Digital came in and we had an opportunity to have clear crisp finished pictures because we could see them before we printed.

Today? Those dang camera phones, we are back to blur. Today I saw a photo of a middle aged couple They would have looked much younger with out the blur factor. Another lady took a picture of herself after she had her hair colored dark. People who know her said she looked great. She had a jaundice color to her skin, most likely a cast from the beauty salon lights, which made me think she had her hair dyed for death.

I know an SLR is heavy but if you don't want to carry it around, then at least use a point and shoot. Or, if the subject of the picture is not recognizable, don't post it for others to wonder what the image is, unless, of course, it is your family is playing some sort of a guessing game.

Life is like a roll of film, let's hope your images are clear as well as your pictures.