Thursday, July 15, 2010


How vain am I?

Oh, good grief, I am too old to pull this crap.

The renewal notice for the driver's license came. My sweet Thomas asked me when I was going to go get it. I said when I get my new glasses. Why am I vain? Well, I didn't want a picture of me to last another four years in old frames, since I was getting new ones.

That reminds me of a wonderful lady named Sara. She had really short hair when she had her picture taken. Her hair grew. She wanted a different picture on her license. She went to the the examiner's station and presented a story about how she had misplaced her license. They said to wait and she was preening to stand in front of the blue cloth. ALAS! They printed the old one with short hair for her!!!

So I shined up my new, anti reflected, diamond ground glasses this morning and even combed my hair. I figured if I was there by 8A, there would only be a dozen in front of me.

And I waited the 13th in line. Ahead of me was a motorcycle guy with the most beautiful hair I have ever seen on a man. In front of him was a jolly fellow with a rotund shape. Behind me was a lady who had an hour to drive to get to work by 9A and it was already 8:10. Behind her was a lady with a cane. Sitting in a chair waiting was a army guy decked out in fatigues. What was he waiting for, I wondered.

Before I was next in line, a young girl with long straight hair and triple eye liner came in. She was with someone with a ND tag on her shirt. Tag shirt and young girl came in to the building together. Tag was carrying a clip board. The girl looked scared. Girl sat down by Army guy and Tag talked to him. A sense of relief cloaked Army and girl. She had passed her test!!! They hugged. Did you get a hug when you passed your test? Did you look scared?

The gent that helped me was most efficient. We talked about license going on line but he said it would never happen because of all the data. He filled out paper work, including eye exam, of which my left eye, even with new glasses is not sharp. I will talk with Tom about that.

Somehow the lady with the job an hour a way got to the photo cloth first, followed by jolly/rotund. Jolly did not like his picture. Lady with cane didn't care what it looked like. Me? First picture I had closed my eyes.

Vain? Oh yes. I said I would do it when I got my new glasses. BUT EVERYONE, whether you wear glasses or not take OFF their glasses to have the photo taken. Even IF you have anti reflective coating.

And that, is why I am vain.