Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Odd, isn't it, how we take things for granted. Imagine, if you will, that first Montgomery Wards catalog, wasn't it like, one page long? How that has expanded with the Internet. If you are in need to know or price something, it is at your finger tips.

The post office is going up two cents in 2011. More and more people are paying bills on line and not using stamps. They have a paper trail, it just isn't a check. Medical places have been filing electronically for 20 years.

Ever order anything on line? We always look for postage paid. But someone has to pay the post man.

Imagine too, waiting 4-6 weeks for the item to arrive. Amazing, isn't it? We can thank the operators of the business for getting it out AND the post office for delivery.

I wonder just when the post office realized it was going to be in trouble with all the Internet buying, postage paid and people doing business, as in bill paying on line.

What will happen to our canary legged postal worker? Will he work less and make less? Is the two cents for his benefit?

Imagine parents and grand parents having no worry about if it came in 4 weeks or six.

We are in a hurry and that is my two cents worth for today.


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