Friday, March 11, 2011


Out of the window in the sun room to the east, is a row of icicles. My favorite, one that looked like a rooster claw fell the other day at 10:06 AM. I had been watching that one for some time.

This morning I thought, maybe I should wade in the snow up to my buttocks and get a picture of it from below. Then I remembered as episode of Grey's Anatomy where Christina had a icicle fall from the building and stab her in the chest. So, forget that, besides the wader's are in the boat.

Old Trunks is remembering Wednesday School. But what she doesn't remember if it was during Lenten season every Wednesday except Lent. From Knox School to Zion Lutheran Church was quite a hike. Nearly everyone went to Wednesday School. The question is, for those who didn't go, where they not affiliated with a church in town or where they non believers?

Oh yea, icicles. On the way to the church, there was grocer that had the biggest icicle in town. It was stuck tight to the building. I always thought if I lived closer, maybe I would check on that every day and see how long it took to completely disappear. Alas, I did not.

Which brings me to the modern day world of sun room and icicles. Look! They are clear and the sun is shining through them! Will they naturally fall today or shall I open the top of the window and give them a hard whack with a broom?

Safe. No stabbing allowed.


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northernbliss said...

I had one that was longer (taller) than me. I carefully broke it off (Ididn't want anyone getting stabbed either) and posed for a picture. It is on my blog - you have to go back a ways to see it. I am enjoying your blog.