Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, Tom and I sat at the dining room table brainstorming about website information. We worked on it until Tom crossed his arms. Body English. He was done; cooked and fried done. It was fascinating listening to this old world craftsman answer my questions. It wasn't that everything that old silver tongue said was going to be used. I just wanted to get a feel for what all is involved. After all, I just get the script and head to my trusty store for spectacles. How about you?

It is known that some colors look better than others based on skin tone. We know that traditional might be best but retro is 'in'. We know that face shape makes a difference. Another factor is how you use them. It has to be frustrating to walk into optical with more than a thousand frames and find a pair that you adore and adores you. What I do know is the best decision is based on over all balance. I waved an RX stating I wanted red. AH HA! It was the color of the red that made a difference and to date, they are still my favorite frames.

We went on to discuss lenses. After all, that is really what glasses are all about. SIGHT. The page regarding lenses had sticky notes on top of sticky notes. In the end, the answer really was there are thousand upon thousands of different combinations and your occupation and prime usage need to be taken into consideration.

This is how he explained it. Two men. One a farmer and the other an accountant. Both have the same prescription. The farmer's primary usage is from a tractor seat. An accountant's primary usage is in front of a computer screen. The type of lens for each is based on primary usage.

If I did a testimonial for Tom, it would be this: Before I moved to Fargo, I did not have glasses that would stay where they belonged. In frustration, I had the bi-focal moved up to account for the slide. The lenses were coated with anti scratch, it peeled off. The first pair he had made for me actually fit. I told him to just pick out want he wanted to take care of on a regular basis. Why should I trust he could do it better, after all, no one else had.

He brought the glasses home. They where feather light and I could fall asleep with them on without them bending out of shape. He put the nose pads on up side down to keep them sitting properly on my way too narrow bridge. I did not give up the frames until they were no longer available.

It is really all about getting frames and lenses for YOU. It is not getting what the box stores sell for 2 for $99. It isn't about selling high end expensive frames. It is about being exceptional at what you do to make that person see the very best they can.

Give it some thought, won't you?


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