Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today's venture is to find our what I might about the Ostgaard's.

Her name was Corina Ranum, my grand father's sister. She married Severt Ostgaard and they had Mildred.

We know that in
1905 Severt lived in Roseau
1910 Ostgaard's lived in New Solum Township, Marshall County, MN
1917 When Severt applied to serve the USA, he was a bank cashier in Gatzke, MN
1920 They lived in Rollis, Marshall County, MN

Their only child, Mildred, was born on 7/30/1911 and deceased on 11/13/1992 In St. Paul.

As I combed through archives looking for additional information, I had a hit in California. Alas, it was not MY Ostgaard's.

It was about two workmen hurt by electric trains.

February 13, 1912

Two men were injured by electric trains at the Southern Pacific mole today. Chris Ostgaard of San Francisco fell 15 feet when a ladder was knocked from beneath him while at work by a passing train. He suffered two fractured ribs and was badly bruised. Sam Buntain of the signal department, to avoid a train, stepped directly in front of another train. The fact that the train was running slowly saved him from serious injuries. He was cut about the scalp and his arm was severely wrenched.

Obviously not Mildred--But I did have an uncle that got run over by a street car!

Such as it is with genealogy, chase your leads!


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