Thursday, March 3, 2011


He sent out an email stating the Prowlers play Warroad in the section eight championship at 7P tonight at the local arena. He went on to say that they have met several times in the last years, always to go away without the trophy.

And so it is, the local high school in Thief River Falls go to this marvelous arena and all who remember high school hockey cheer.

It isn't like it was eons ago. No one is beating on the side of the boards with cow bells. Mr. Wennberg doesn't stand on the bench against the icy cold wall in his long wool coat, fur hat, and clap loudly with leather gloved hands. The new arena has artificial ice, the bricked walls are not seeping ice crystals. The men of the old world have been replaced by men the same age. They just don't wear long coats and fur caps.

Yet, I am hopeful the youth of today have the same respect for the Wennberg-like guys.

Let's hope the hot chocolate served is not burnt, as it was in my day. Let's hope one doesn't need hot chocolate in this grand building.

Yet, the building doesn't matter

Nor does the cocoa

What we all hope is, the jitters and butterflies turn into focus on the game and the players, who have worked so hard, have the magic about them and at the end of the third period, they are waving their sticks and hugging each other.

Let's hope we see a photo of them holding up the trophy and move on to state.

Can a city of 8,557 win over a city of 1,722?

Let's hope so.

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