Tuesday, March 15, 2011


.......and the only thing I remember about it is we learned that line in Ms. Barzen's class and said it because it was in the play.

The one thing I do remember, however, is Kay handing out avocado pits and telling us to put tooth picks in them to hold them out of the water except for the bottom because it would make it root.

Well, mine never rooted, most likely from the softened water it was standing in. But someone's did. It seemed to grow straight up with one leaf at the top. I wonder if it ever had the fruit? Maybe it needed a mate to do that.

We never tasted the fruit. All we saw was the pit. Actually, I wonder where she got them because I never saw anything like it in the markets in our city. And when I was introduced to them later, I didn't make up my mind as approved right away. That is until someone I worked along side brought it as dip and it was a hit. At least with chips there is some crunch!

So beware the Ides of March and plant a pit and watch it grow!


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