Monday, June 8, 2009


This is the Baskin Robbins logo. We know it by the two colors and the fact the pink spells 31 for its 31 flavors. We need Rachel to tell us about "the Matterhorn" which was a sundae with SEVEN scoops of ice cream as she received on as a gift on her birthday.

Look at how simple this one is, or is it? It is simple saying it is the cream of cream and a mother is feeding her child a volcano sized portion. Who is that standing in the back ground, doesn't it look like a doctor to you? What is your take on this?
If you were the ring bearer at a wedding as a little boy and the groom promised you a gallon of ice cream if you were good, wouldn't you wait for it? The little boy never got his gallon of ice cream!
How much ice cream did you eat as a kid? Did your freezer make little fuzzy icicles in it after it was open and left for a while? Ours did and I didn't like fussy maple nut, which was a stock item because it was daddy's favorite.
Do you make your own ice cream? Imagine families gathering in the in the 1850's for picnics and folks taking turns to crank and crank and crank. And for all that work? What did they get?
Give credit to Nancy Johnson. In 1847 she developed the first hand-crank ice cream maker, and despite what you might read elsewhere, received a patent for it. Much of the confusion (and lack of credit) to Ms. Johnson comes from the fact that she sold her rights to William Young for just $200 (still a pretty good sum in those days). He at least had the courtesy to call the machine the “Johnson Patent Ice-Cream Freezer.”
Dig in, eat up, it is summertime and that means time for ice cream and watermelon for those of you who love both.



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