Sunday, June 7, 2009


The idea of blogging about newspapers came to me from a friend in Michigan. She stated the Detroit Free Press is now doing door to door delivery only on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you want the other days paper, one may get it mailed to you. She declined to have it mailed, as she is not able to get to her street side box.

Old Trunks is thinking about how the people of New Solum Township passed around old papers from Norway and were in heaven just to have news, regardless.

Now we have play by play options. Even the local paper adds new news as it happens. How many news channels do you get in your area? More or less than weather channels?

When Fargo had the flood, there was nothing else going on nationally. No politics, other weather, or scandals. So if you wonder why we got so much press, it may be because of that, although I like to think it was because Fargo had courage. Courage, is newsworthy even in this stoic part of the country.

After spending 300 hours reading old papers at the library, I really do think I am okay with a 1915 paper, how about you?


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