Saturday, June 20, 2009


As a child, I always thought it was unfair that we made a gift for our mother's in school but not for father's because school was not in session. Why, I always wondered, did we not take a little time in art class and do something special for him, as well.

So you do it at home.

In Mr. Beatle's sixth grade class, we made a saying out of alphabet pasta and glued it on to a piece of Masonite board and decorated it with stickers like you would get at piano lessons. It would be a gift for our mothers.

IN ALL THE WORLD THEIR IS NO OTHER TO TAKE THE PLACE OF MY DEAR MOTHER. That is what was printed on the chalk board.

The dark brown boards were all ready cut. All we needed to do was draw two lines to use as a marker to place the pasta letters.

Sort, sort, sort through piles of pasta to get the right letters. Mr. Beatle warned us about gluing as we went. "Lay everything out, first," he said. Those who did not heed his warning were either misspelling or running out of room.

My pencil line was very dark. My pasta letters were set in puddles of glue. Because I used so much glue, the letters slid. It would never be hung in a prominent place.

Should have made it for daddy. He would have loved it.

In all the world there is a caddy
Driven by my dear daddy.

Instead, I gave him a card and a shirt and Greg charged an ashtray at the drugstore that said, "Next week we have to get organized". Later, I would iron the shirt and burn a hole in it.


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