Thursday, June 4, 2009


Let's leave the market behind and move on to clothing stores.

Old Trunks has shopped at the same dress shop since arriving in Fargo. I like the clothes, I know the sizes are true and I don't have to dress like I am a teeny bopper. Simple, well-made pieces that mix and match. Not brain surgery here. Since retirement closets full of clothes aren't necessary. If I had not retired, I would be wearing green shirt and tan pants, so shopping would be minimal anyway.

My point is they, too, have move stuff around. Clothes that I saw hung in the spring of 2008 are on the rack at full price and they have moved the crystal away from the natural sunlight which streamed into the area.

Unlike the market, this store appears to have brought the necessities forward and moved the luxuries, such as crystal, to an area unflattering to its beauty. Perhaps if one is looking for crystal, one will hunt for it. Perhaps. What is in its place: Fiesta dinnerware. Is the store pushing for brides to pick dinner ware so heavy it will pull the cabinets off the walls? Granted it is beautiful stuff, but $200 for three mixing bowls is a little steep, don't you think? Pyrex, yellow, green, blue, red bowls which nested cost $4.95 a set in 1962, That big yellow bowl raised a lot of bread and mixed a lot of cookies until it shattered decades later.

And yes, I went to look at the crystal!

Do you have your fourth of July shirt ready? It is only a month away!!!


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