Wednesday, June 3, 2009


If you shop at the same stores long enough, you know when they move merchandise around. Although I can understand the transformations, it doesn't mean I am for it.

We all have read articles about how the ends of the aisles at the market and the area next to the register are considered the impulsive areas. I do know that when 'my' market gets new products they seem to stick the product anywhere. It seems like they are saying, "If twelve people can find and buy this product in 10 days, we will put it like with like". Such as it was with Eight O'clock coffee when I was on my testing coffee binge this winter.

Since I shop top to bottom and side to side I manage to find all the new stuff. That is how I found the coffee sandwiched in by the spices. I am over my experiment but the coffee has been moved to the coffee aisle. Unfortunately, the express store, meant to be milk, bread, and fresh veggies and fruits is trying to be the all-for-everyone store; it is a tight zag with a cart to get to the free donuts and, of course, all the necessities appear to be getting farther and farther from the front door.

But my big complaint is a simple one. Anyone that knows me well knows I say white bread makes you dead. But my sweet Thomas loves his make glue ball stuff and he is too old to try to switch him over. He keeps me up to what the inventory in the freezer is.

The loaf said, LARGE. I bought two. They were placed on the side table in the kitchen for him to put in the freezer. He stopped short and asked why I bought them? Questioned, I must have looked at him like whaaaaa? Why did I buy the pound loaves? What did I pay for them. The slip said $1.99 each. They were not the LARGE LARGE, just the LARGE. The conversation waned. They next day he called the store. LARGE was on sale for $1.99, regular $2.39, LARGE LARGE was NOT on sale and sold for $2.49. I felt I had been duped.

It is summer, I like to think I am even more careful about dates, yet, I missed two single drink orange juice recently. Three weeks out and more sour than and old woman with no friends. Does this mean this item is a pour sell? Or, does it mean that I need to bring a permanent marker with me and mark as I go?


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