Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Old Trunks wonders how people can be so opinionated about others. Do we have some sort of a check and balance list within ourselves based on our up bringing to which personal views have been added?

I am not pointed a finger at anyone. Because I am a crusty old broad and have my own concept of what is right, wrong, and in between. I am also aware that I know one finger points away while four point towards me.

What makes us be leery of others? What is it that tells us to watch out. Do we know how we decide who we trust and who we can not trust? Is it gut? Is it a life like spread sheet? I don't know the answer, I am asking you.

When we are working outside the home, do we develop a professional window or wall that keeps the opinions of others at bay? Or is that bay window? :)

Recently someone I truly admire felt attacked by former work mates. She has been away from the job for two years, yet, she is still fodder for wagging tongues. Personally, I think it is because she was a great employee to her close work mates as well as the people she cared for as a CNA. Yet, as a stay at home mom, she may have lost her window. It doesn't matter if it was just idle chatter at the water cooler, what does matter is she was affected by it.

Because opinions will not go away and we find ourselves sensitive to what is said and done, maybe, we should think twice and speak once.

And that is my opinion.


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