Monday, October 11, 2010


Think about this, are comics or funny papers as they were called, truthful? Do you see the truth in the humor?

Did you ever see your father lay on the couch like Dagwood? Did you, when young, see him as a lazy person or did you wonder if he had TB? My mother slept a lot so I thought, sleeping Dagwood might had TB too.

And what about Little Lulu? Did there games inspire you to do those antics?

Didn't everyone want a Dick Tracy watch?

Although have many that I 'read' on Sunday, the only one I follow through out the week is Pickles. If you haven't seen it, it is about Opal and Earl, an elderly couple who happen to have a grand son named Nelson. The daughter must live close and there is no mention of a husband. It isn't anything like Dennis the Menace, it is better humor and Nelson would be a great child to have.

Now since I was raised by my grand parents on two occasions, I can identify with the things Opal and Earl do and say to Nelson. I can understand the conversations between the elders amongst themselves because they do, indeed, have their own patterns, just like Benhard and Julia did.

We live in a society much different than how I was raised. There are several items or things that kids have now that weren't invented yet. The idea of learning the QWERTY keyboard at such a young age is wonderful but I better not touch the Remington Rand typewriter or the adding machine.

Now, when I say adding machine, I mean basically just that. Add or subtract. ticka-ticka-ticka went the keys followed by a vrrrumpa when Daddy pulled the level on the side to input the number.

And so this morning, I was reading Pickles. Nelson is on the sofa and his grandpa asks him what he has. Nelson tells him it is his Mom's old cell phone. Grandpa asks, who is he going to call, Sponge Bob?

That makes Nelson a child of this era. He is exposed to cell phones, computers, and all the modern marvels of the world. But Nelson is never seen playing outside.

And I wonder if something is missing. I am so grateful my kids spent time outdoors with friends doing what they did best--being kids. And, I suppose in this busy world of everyone working, a cell phone is necessary. I do think the communication is wonderful for those who need to be in the know 24/7.



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