Sunday, October 3, 2010


Lat night, we went for a quick supper. As we were eating, a lady came in, Tom had seen her walking to the restaurant. It was hard for him to tell if it was a woman, as she was wearing a tee shirt and a baseball cap and was flat chested.

But a female she was and all of us have to admire people such as herself. Tom could tell by the lenses in her glasses that she had a severe correction. The baseball cap covered the top of her bald head. Just what the large bandage on her face was all about is unknown. Most likely she had cancer and lost her hair; possibly breast cancer.

Now, that is enough, don't you think? Walking to a place to eat by herself and cancer treatments?

That isn't all. She had Parkinson's. We could see she had a tremor. She was up and down out of her booth looking and getting one thing or another before she settled in to eat her taco.

While we ate, I told Tom I really trusted him because I was sitting with my back against the door, which I rarely do. It is one of those things with me. He smiled and said nothing.

Once we were finished eating, he held out his hand which was shaking. As the snot I am, I said, "That ain't nothing, you should take lessons from her", referring to the lady who was sitting behind him--the booths molded together like they are in quick food places.

"No, he said, I am showing you the booth is shaking from her tremor."

We do not know where this lady lives nor all the medical diagnosis's she is saddled with. Yet, there has to be some sort of special praise for a person who does so much with so little.

Think about it.


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