Tuesday, October 19, 2010


When my sweet Thomas was young, he had a saying on his bedroom wall. We found it again in the big old desk that belonged to his dad. It was in the basement of the house in Moorhead. We also have the desk, it is one of those clunkers with a top big enough to sleep on!

The saying meant a lot to him so I had it framed for Christmas in 1998 and it hangs on the wall in our living room.

"He ariseth early in the morning and distrubith the whole household. He maketh mighty preparations and goes forth with hope. He returnth late, smelling of strong drink and the truth is not in him" author unknown.

Tom didn't come home smelling of strong drink, he came home smelling like he had been doing rock a bye fish. Clutching, if you will, to his jacket to trap them to get the hook out.

The jacket had popped a button. Since he does all lake and play clothes buttons, he put it on his deck chair. The odor floated through the air. At first, I thought it was him, my nose assured it it was not. It was the jacket.

Yesterday, I sewed on the button, washed the jacket, to which vinegar had been added. I just finished pressing it and I will assure you, there is no aroma of small mouth bass.

Now, what you have to realize is, that jacket never smelled like that before. Why? Because he picks up large mouth by the lip and pike by the gill. Smallies, on the other hand are the wiggle and thrashers and getting them still is a mission in itself.

The jacket doesn't look new but it sure does smell clean!


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