Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Now, Old Trunks doesn't have anyone young enough to watch this Sponge Bob, however, the freaky thing about it is; the news crawler on AOL yesterday talked about learning how to do well in business by following the advice of this animated character.

As for the cartoon, much of the series' events take place in Bikini Bottom, an underwater city located in the Pacific Ocean beneath the real life tropical isle of Bikini A Toll. Stephen Hillenburg has stated that much of Bikini Bottom was based on the real life city of Seattle Much of this is supported within the context of the episodes themselves; however, despite implications of the city's location as well as analogies to real life, Hillenburg has stated that he wishes to leave the city isolated from the real world.

It is said that it appeals to adults and children alike and that much of the program is over the heads of children, (that is the adult part).

What does that have to do with business? Integrity.

Oh sponge! Imagine the creator, a marine biologist, changing his career to do animation. Interesting, don't you think?




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