Sunday, October 10, 2010


It is said women find land marks to give directions. Men use compass directions.

On one lake, I say, "From barking dogs to barking dogs". Tom says which side of the lake. We are talking about the same area.

On the pictures above, I call it "Two kissing trees", Tom now refers to it as, "Your trees". It means the same.

What we thought was so interesting was when the foliage was gone, we could see the barn! One picture was taken in mid-September and the other nearly mid-October.

So if I forget the "where the lady was weeding, or the two St. Bernhard's, or the red cabin", at least the land mark of the two kissing trees will be there! Oops, the dogs and the red cabin are on different lakes...........and so is the place we call, "NO WHERE". Now keeping all that straight needs a mind like a computer OR is that a computer to be your mind for the over flow.

What is your land mark?


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