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Does your name fit your personality?

Shirley asked who Mrs. Carl Ranum was. I wondered the origin of his name. I posted it as a comment, then thought, how fun would it be to post what the names mentioned on the “How do you spell that?” post.

OLIVER is Scandinavian, meaning kind and affectionate.

ALICE : Means a young daydreamer who is gregarious and free-spirited. Some, though, see her as a prissy old homebody. Means noble in Old German

HILDA strikes people as a good name for a fat, unattractive older woman with a hair net--a dowdy maid or farmer, perhaps. It is old German for Woman Warrior

People say Ella is a large, heavy black woman-an old-fashioned grandma who is happy, likable, and friendly. It means elf or fairy women in Old English

NORA is considered an old-fashioned name suitable for an older farmer who is hardworking and serious. No origin listed

MURVIN Sorry, no data

CLIFFORD People describe Clifford as either a highly intelligent, friendly, and popular guy, or as a nerdy, pudgy bookworm. Old English meaning at the cliff near the river crossing

ILENE: The name Ilene has two different images: a quiet, pure, and gentle woman or a loud, buxom bimbo.

People picture Ralph as a short, easygoing, working-class guy who spends more time drinking than thinking. It is old German for wolf counselor

And the Anderson children:

DOROTHY has two radically different images: a loud, friendly, fun-loving adventurer or a large, mousy wallflower who is shy, dull, and methodical. It is Greek for Gift of God. ELAINE is described as an attractive blond--a smart, business-minded trendsetter who is not only friendly but also a good friend.

RICHARD The name Richard has two images: a handsome, strong, and athletic all-American boy, or an honest, serious, and dedicated corporate man. Old German for powerful ruler. People say JEROME is an old-fashioned name befitting a man who is funny, intelligent, and caring. Latin for holy

ROBERT: The name Robert has two different images: a good-looking, strong athlete who is funny and outgoing, or a stocky, average man who is quiet and conservative. It is old English for bright Fame. The name DUANE is Irish Gaelic meaning little and dark. People think of a lanky neighbor who is helpful and friendly or a quiet moody social dud.

JUDY is regarded as a little pixie who is short, cute, and very nice. LEE IS old English, from the meadow

SHIRLEY: People picture Shirley as a gray-haired version of Shirley Temple--cute, sweet, curly-haired, baby-faced, and overweight. Old English meaning from the bright meadow MAY is English, meaning month of May.

SUSAN is described as an average woman who is wholesome, pleasant, and down to earth. Some people, though, think Susan is whiny and fussy. It is Hebrew for lily. MARIE: Most people think of Marie as a pretty, fun-loving woman who is artistic, friendly, and sweet. Some, though, think of Marie as hardworking, dependable, and boring.

Rachel is pictured as a beautiful, small, dark-haired woman with quiet, intelligent strength. It is Hebrew for lamb. ZOE is a pretty, artistic flower child who is fun and somewhat weird. To some, through, Zoe is careful, reliable. It is Greek meaning life.

PAUL Most people think of Paul as dignified, steady, and firm, but others think he is charismatic, creative, and kind. It is Latin for small . STANTON has two different images: a quiet, older blue-collar laborer, or a skinny, goofy nerd It is old English for from the rocky meadow.

RYEN was named using the family name. The name Rye means gentleman in Gypsy.
BENTLEY: It is English meaning, from the moor.

ELODEE is Greek for white blossom. But wait a minute! We know it can be French with a lot of really neat things and we know it can be Norwegian for Elf who talks to mortals!

What do you know about your name?
Do you know how you got your name?
Rather, why were you named that?
Do you think the names of the Rye children or the children of Lloyd and Ella fit their personality?
How about yourself?

............... in reference to Mrs. Carl Ranum:
Ada Jorde was her name after her first marriage. Her maiden name was Jacobson. She was married to Adolph Jorde, who died in 1928. Their children are/where Clifford, Olaf, Leonard, Olive, and Clarence.

After that, she married Karl Ranum, who died in 1944. There children are/where Kenneth, 1931, and Dale, 1932.

Ada and Adolph are buried in block 3, lot 45, graves 1 and 4 of East Greenwood Cemetery in Thief River Falls.

Hilda and Clifford are buried in block 3, Lot 16, graves 7 & 8 of east Greenwood cemetery. Also in that plot are Mikkel and Margit, who are Adolph's parents. An Oliver is also buried there, (12/19/1922-2/2/1923), and Gladys, (5/21/1911-8/15/1994) are also in this plot.

This is how I came to my conclusion:

From the Thief River Falls Times

Olaf Peter Jorde was born October 31, 1918 in Excel Township, Marshall County, the son of Adolph and Ada (Jacobson) Jorde.

Olaf farmed with his mother and two brothers, Cliff and Clarence, Survivors include brother Kenneth (Mary) Ranum of Thief River Falls; sister-in-law, Bev Ranum of Thief River Falls. ( Bev Ranum's husband Dale, died in December of 1995).

Dale Ranum was born in 1932, his mother's maiden name was listed as Jacobson. Kenneth was born in 1933. Clarence, Clifford, Leonard, Olaf, and Olive are listed as their mother's maiden name as being Jacobson.

Mrs. Carl Ranum was Ada Jacobson Jorde Ranum!


White Blossom

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