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Nels and Eliza Rye

Let's take a look at what we may know about Nels and Eliza. Nels and Eliza are the parents of Henry T Rye. We know his parents were Father: Arne Thorson Rye Mother: Marit Olsdatter. We know that on the pack of the original picture it states Nels was born on the ocean when his parents where coming to the United States from Norway. His mother carried a rolling pin on top of her tummy before Nels was born. Elvina Rye Anderson Steinhauer has the rolling pin. ID: I8733 Name: Nils (Nels) Arneson Rye Surname: Rye Given Name: Nils (Nels) Arneson Sex: M Birth: 7 Jun 1851 in aboard ship _UID: 4EED17239072464A846D22FCFC3F53983C86

Another source states:

Name: Nelsk Rye[Nels Rye] Birthplace: New York

The question is, where did they go after they came to the United States? We find the answers in the census:

U.S. Western and Prairie States - Census Index (1880) State: Iowa County: Worth Township: Fertile Relationship to Head: Son Gender: Male Race: White Marital Status: Single Birthplace: Wisconsin We know he was born on the ocean, how do you think this error of his birth place happened?

1885 Iowa Census, name: Nels Rye Age: 34 Gender: M Birth State: Wisconsin State: Iowa County: Winnebago Township Name: Mount Valley . Once again it states he was born in Wisconsin!

The 1890 census is not available, although they are trying to rebuild it. The fragments which are left were out of the building when it went up in flames.

1910 census: Nelsk Rye[Nels Rye] and Eliza were living in Granite Falls, Chippewa, Minnesota As you can see, Nelsk and Eliza had their children and grandchildren living with them: Henry Rye 30 Julia Rye 20 Oliver Rye 4/12 , and Melvin Rye 15 Clerance Rye 24 Neuman Rye 17 Hazel Rye 12.

1920 census: Nels Rye and Eliza were at home in Triumph, Ramsey, North Dakota. Children living with them were Clarence Rye 33 Gust Rye 37

1930 census
Nels Rye was living with Clarence in Pennington County, Thief River Falls, MN. Nels was 78 and Clarence was 45.

Our question is: What happened to Eliza? She seems to have disappeared somewhere between the 1920 and 1930 census! Does anyone know?

Who are the children of Nels and Eliza?

First of all, we have to realize that all the children were born in the United States. Remembering that Nels was born on the ocean. It one census he is listed as being born OMAN.


  1. Helmer 1875-no data, Married Sophie Reine

  2. Edward, also Edde 1876- June 26, 1914 buried in lot 47 at Rindal Cemetery near Rosewood, MN

  3. Anna Cecilia 1878 -no data , married Bert Peterson

  4. Henry T December 16 1879 to January 19 1960, buried at Wildwood Cemetery, Rosewood, MN Married Julia Olette Olson, October 24, 1889-December 19, 1880. She is buried at Wildwood Cemetery.

  5. Dorothea Dora September 5, 1882-no data.

  6. Gust 1883-no data.

  7. Clarence or Clarance 1887-May 26, 1935, buried in lot 59 at Rindal Cemetery near Rosewood, MN

  8. Nellie 1887-no data, was she a twin of Clarence?

  9. Ole February 5 1888 to September 1 1979 in Koochiching County, MN, married Selma, last name unknown

  10. Tilda 1891-no data, Married Julious Weflin

  11. Neuman 1893 to May 04, 1918 buried in lot 58 at Rindal Cemetery, near Rosewood, MN

  12. Melvin 1897-no data, married Lydia, last name unknown

  13. Hazel February 11, 1898-May 01, 1971, married Albert Lappegaard, February 2, 1894-July 13, 1969. Hazel and Albert are buried at South Greenwood Cemetery in Thief River Falls, MN. Block two, Lot 45, graves 6 and 8.

Let's take a poll here and see who we need to look at next. The idea is to get all the oldest generation discussed before we move on.

Nels and Eliza Rye, parents of Henry T. Rye

  • NEED TO DISCUSS OK Olson who married Gertrude Halmgrimson who had Julia Olette Olson

Thorenus and Pauline Mellem , parents of Nina Mellem

Andreas and Hannah Opseth, the parents of Julia Opseth

Knute and Siri Ranum, the parents of Benhard Ranum

  • NEED TO DISCUSS Andrew and Josephine Lundberg parents of Phillip Lundberg
  • NEED TO DISCUSS Anton Jenson and Synneva Vigoren parents of Clara Jenson

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