Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My sweet Thomas has decided he wants the information of what fish we caught on the little lakes written on the back of the maps. That is a wonderful project for him. I am more than happy to offer the information. It isn't like I have to scout for it. It is all there in black and white, hit the print button and he can transfer it accordingly. He will have to go to the old photo albums to pull of the old information as I did a print out and put it in the book with the year.

You think that is silly? When I was a little girl staying at Grandma Mae's house, I liked to play banker. I used her old, tall Victrola with the records, as the 'records'. And my 'cage' was really the bird cage from the deceased canary. I would pull the records and write down the information. The accounts were in the names of the person who recorded the song. The business was the record company. For money I used decks of cards. I am not good at math but I am great at records!

May your platters spin a happy tune.

Ching, ching.


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