Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Her name was Susie Durgin. She worked at Larson's Music Store in Thief River Falls. She was the sweetest of people and put up with all the teens coming in to listen to their favor music in little booths. Listen--not necessarily buy!

And so it was that Elvis records may have gotten worn out BEFORE they were sold. Forty-five rpm records cost 89 cents. What a buy! It was almost all of an allowance. Not much one could do with 11 cents left over.

Now, my brother took MY records and wrote his name on them. Everyone marked their records in some way. Finger nail polish and the construction stamp are on mine.

Did I say is? Yes, and the records are in a bag in the garage.

Recently a niece announced she was getting rid of hers. They are too scratched to play. So are mine, but tossing them is painful. She does mosaics, she has an outlet.

It is said that if you get those records warm, they will warp. This is true. It was the summer of 1959 and I went with my friend to her grand parents near Bemidji. The records, all new, where in the back window of the car. SO FINE was not so fine. How sad.

My question is: Where are your old records?


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