Saturday, September 11, 2010


That looks odd because the mascot for the high school was Prowlers. Rest assured, this is not about them.

It is known that there have always been people who lurk and steal. In newspapers, there are always articles about people and crooks. In some towns, it is the first thing people read in the paper, well, after obits, of course. I can still hear mother saying, "So and so got picked up". Fargo has a list of daily police calls.

We don't leave in a heavy crime area, however, I am married to someone who is a watcher of the neighborhood. It isn't that is he so nosy, he is just hard wired that way. Me? The computer is in the sun room, which faces the street, I see people come and go and once in a while I get a hair standing up wondering what that is about.

We lock our doors. We lock our cars when we are out and about. We haven't always been that way. In high school, I didn't even have a key for my car, you didn't need it to start it. Houses where not locked, except if you were gone on vacation.

As for the vehicle, I was taught to lock the doors when I got in. And I will not let Tom change the truck to make it not self lock at more miles per hour. It is a pain but is a safely feature I happen to like. Some couples discuss religion and politics, we discuss the locking system. :)

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