Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Daddy walked two miles to Rosebank tagging along behind his long legged brother Harry. In the winter they could cut across the swamp, in the fall and spring, they followed what was then just a dirt and gravel road with ruts!!!

Mother walked along the bank of the coulee. She was a town kid who attending Northrop. She followed her sister Viola.

I walked

My children walked. The PTA at Schwegler has numbers of chili feeds to support the purchase of a blinking light in the school zone. Later, the city put in another at no expense.

Now we have beacons:

One flashing yellow: Slow down the pedestrian has activated the button
Steady yellow: Stop if safe to do so.

Two red lights: Stop and remain stopped, pedestrian in the crosswalk.
Four steady red: Stop and then proceed with caution if clear.

All dark: Proceed with caution.

Now, if the children can be taught to cross at the light, they will be safer.

Maybe the swamp was less danger. What do you think?

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