Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Old Trunks heard the first jet out of Hector this morning and trains during the night. Amazing how quickly we forget the noises around us, rather, we are conditioned to the noises.

That reminds me of my cousins who lived next to the railroad tracks. When the train went by one could feel the rumble in the house, yet, Judy stated they never heard it. It makes me wonder if there are a list of sounds in our head we always listen for and those we dismiss.

I think all who have children ALWAYS hear the sound of a child as well as answer to "MOM" in a store. Perhaps we always hear telephones. I hear birds, especially loons, and of late, the Kingfisher as it jabbers and then flies quickly from branch to branch to water to pick up bugs. I have heard and listened for the screech of the eagle and the hawk's warning. And who doesn't know a crow? Hoot, hoot from the owl, can you hear it in your head?

Is there a difference between hearing and listening? In my opinion, yes. I listen for babies and loons and wind. I hear TV and radio, although I may not listen. Zone out. Heard that news before.

What sounds do you listen to?

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