Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Old trunks was reading about where people hid money. A plumber made extra pipes going to now where in his garage, someone else hid it under the cat's litter box. One lady said she hides it in her winter coat pockets.

Well, Old Trunks never hid it in her winter clothes but you can be assured when taking them to the dry cleaners in the fall, there was always a stash of cash enough to pay for the dry cleaning! I even bought a jacket at a garage sale with money in it! No, I did not give the money back, rather, I paid for it with the stash.

Over a decade ago, I was hired to get a house for an estate sale. That meant going through every nook and cranny getting stuff marked and ready. In the process several hundred dollars where found in bedding, under mattresses, and in jars and drawers. The women who had deceased kept saying she needed some cash; obviously, she had forgotten just where she put it.

But the greatest of all is a story my friend, Ella told me about one of my relatives. Gust and Olaf both had houses on what was referred to as Pig Tail Avenue in Rosewood. Ella and her family bought the Gust house and Olaf's was moved to town during WWII.

Since Olaf was a surveyor, people thought he had lots of money, most likely buried on his property somewhere. People would come with shovels and picks after the house was moved looking for those coffee cans full of cash. The land remained lumpy looking and no known cash was ever found.

We did hide cash in the house when it turned 2000. Thinking if the banks had a problem, we would need some cash for the necessities. Nothing did happen and the dollars went back into safe checking.

Every once in a while, generally around Christmas, I gather up the coins that have been taken out of pockets and bring them to the bank. There is generally enough for a nice gift or two.

Not hidden but available, is folded money in Tilley hats. There is a slot to slip them into on the crown of them. I always keep a little there, just in case of an emergency like a Danish! And of course, the coin slots in the truck have to be full for that little bit of change over the dollar amount at the Dairy Queen.

But not in my bra, so don't try to rob me!


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