Thursday, September 23, 2010


Old Trunks wonders if her poor dirt farmer relatives ate pigeons. Where there pigeons in Rosewood? I suppose anything can pass for protein and if you are hungry enough and it is disguised well enough, one would eat it if there were nothing else.

Today's blog came about after a keyboard hour with a friend of my son. Helen and I where discussing our cultures, or lack of it. She stated her mother's family lived on the same island for 200 years before the Japanese invasion.

Her mother was the oldest of five children and was responsible for many of the household duties as both parents worked outside the home.

One of the things they did was catch and kill pigeons for food.

Helen: Mom had to kill the pigeons for food
Me: Was one pigeon divided up for seven people?
Helen: NO, she killed a lot of pigeons
Me: Oh, I see
Helen: Mom said I was lucky to be born in America were there was plenty of food so I could be fat.

When you say you must go to the store because the cupboards are bare, just what does that mean?

Are you out of pigeon?


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