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The Lundberg Side, Part One



There isn’t a lot know about the LUNDBERG side of the family. Much of it has to do with Mother, who just plain didn’t want to talk about “that stuff”.

Here is what we can confirm:

John Schlehr was born in Sweden. He married Elizabeth Giller from New York.

One of their children was Josephine. Josephine was married to Andrew Lundberg.

Andrew Lundberg and Josephine married August 30, 1886. We do know that in 1892, Andrew filed for Homestead in Wisconsin at Eau Claire. It was for 160 acres.

The census 1910 the family was living in Frazee, Becker County, Minnesota

Family listed with last name of LEADLEY

Andrew; August 30, 1886-January 7, 1934 is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Thief River Falls, MN

Josephine; January 25, 1870-June 3, 1916 in Thief River Falls, MN buried at Greenwood Cemetery.

Phillip Arthur, the oldest 1888, born in Wisconsin.
Carrie (spelled Cavia) E 1894
Marie (spelled Mary) 1899
Christine 1901
Bessie 1902
Edward 1905
Kenneth 1907
Rose May 8, 1890-June 30, 1940 married Frank Botel of Los Angeles.

Who was Mrs. Clarence Ringstrand of Forestville, California?

Which one was Mrs. Arthur Casta, from San Francisco, California?

In the 1920 Census
Andrew was living in Koochiching County of Minnesota. It is stated that he is a logger and a farmer. The last name is listed as SUNDBERG

Edward, and Kenneth were, as teenagers, living with him.

Bessie was living with
Louise, who was married Frank Schmidt, he was born in 1896.
Christine was nineteen and teaching
Georgine was also living with the Schmidt’s.
This part of the family were living in Thief River Falls, MN

We do know the family was living in Thief River Falls at the time of Josephine’s death, as related in the obituary:

Mrs. Andrew Lundberg, 319 LaBree Avenue North, a resident of this city for the last 3 ½ years, dropped dead Saturday at 10:30 from heart failure. Funeral services were held from the Swedish Evangelical Church in this city Monday afternoon, June 5. Interment was made in Greenwood Cemetery.

Mrs. Lundberg was born January 25, 1870 in Buffalo, New York, making her age at death, forty-six years, four months, and nine days.

She came to this city in October 1912, and has ably assisted her husband in conducting a restaurant at the above named address. (The café was where the Starkow Clinic was when I lived there).

To the marriage union were born ten children:

Philip Lundberg
Mrs. Frank Schmidt, (Louise)
Mrs. Leon Johnson, (Carrie)
Mrs. Frank Botel, (Rose)

The obituary states the only other survivor is her husband, Andre Lundberg. Notice the spelling variation

Because of the obituary and the census, I was able to find the three additional children.
Land grants led me to his homestead filing.

Andrew died in Chicago at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Hearter. I do not know which daughter this is.

His obituary states, Funeral services were conducted yesterday for Andrew Lundberg, a former resident of this city from Larson’s Undertaking Parlors. Interment was in Greenwood Cemetery.

Mr. Lundberg was born in Skaane, Sweden on January 17, 1864. He came to Wisconsin in 1885 and later moved to this vicinity where he lived until four years ago when he returned to Wisconsin. His home at the time he died was Superior; however, he was living at the home of his daughter in Chicago.

Those who mourn his departure are five daughters and three sons, Phil Lundberg being the only one who resides locally. His wife passed away nineteen years ago.

Andrew is buried in the same plot as Josephine.

I am hopeful to find additional information!


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Shirley said...

I noticed that at one point they were reffered to as "Sundberg" (The last name is listed as SUNDBERG). This might not have any bearing on the subject but, there are several "Sundbergs" in the Grygla area.